Dogs Don’t Judge


That little doggie at the top of my blog is Sophie. She’s my Yorkie that I’ve had for 13 years. Sophie became mine the same year that Lupus SLE came a’callin.

Sophie is my little best friend who is alway by by side. She loves me unconditional 💙

Sophie has been going blind, slowing way down, aching. She is the ONE reason I’ll drag my body off the couch if I’m sick to take her to the vet or feed her. Or just lay with her & pet her belly.

We are always together. She NEVER judges me. Or at least I don’t think she does because she doesn’t leave my side if I’m sick, or my face is puffy or I’m in pain. The only time she’ll slowly get up & sneak away is if she hears a sniffle. This means I’m starting to cry. Even just a little, just laying in bed and crying because the pain won’t stop or I’m upset over Lupus or any number of reasons.
She leaves and I’ll find her in a random room sitting. She doesn’t like to hear me cry. So I get it together because I don’t want her to feel bad.

I know she’s to the age that I may lose her. But I’m doing everything I can to keep her healthy. It’s good I can take my mind off my pains & life to look after her in her time of need.
She’s ferocious though 😊

Once she went after the neighborhood dog, a half pit bull half mutt. The dog picked her up in his teeth & shook her like a rag doll. It was in my yard. I ran out in my flip flops and kicked the big dog as hard as I could & he dropped her. She ended up at the vets with four huge puncture holes in her from his teeth. She lived. The neighbors are friends & got rid of their dog. He went to live out on a farm.
Anyway, we never know what Lupus has in store for us. I’ve already had two close calls with acute pancreatitis. So Sophie & I will take each day at a time & enjoy each other.
Before Lupus which I refer to as BL I never viewed life on a day by day basis. I do now & I believe God’s plan for me is perfect. I trust Him.

2 thoughts on “Dogs Don’t Judge

  1. I am praying for you and dog companion. This only confirms the reason I can’t wait to have my own dog companion..I’m going to get a golden retriever. I’m just job hunting right now, though that’s also been a slow process.
    The pains of Lupus suck…you are strong in the Lord for knowing His plan for you is perfect despite the pain you go through. 🙂
    Your dog is pretty and so are you!


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