I’ve been on a mission of late to try to pinpoint “when” SLE ( Systemic lupus erythematosus ) entered my life. Why I “got” SLE. Why, in the twelve years I’ve dealt with it I’ve had serious flares and symptoms, and other times I’ve managed my symptoms enough to get some things accomplished.

“Recently a freak snow storm hit and we were all stranded more or less and stuck inside with hours of either boring TV, a book we’ve already read or best for me, our uninterrupted thoughts.”

I never truly connected the affect my personal relationships had on my illness. Although those close to me, family, friends and even my physician who’d known me for years could see the correlation, see me go “down Continue reading


Three Sisters Mountains at sunrise

Three Sisters Mountains at sunrise

Time to start a Glorious Day

Time to start a Glorious Day

God really knows how to wake me up in a good mood!!

Recently, the sunrises and sunsets where I live have been spectacular.

God's wake up call

God’s wake up call

I’m not a photographer, but I just had to grab my iPhone and do my best to capture the moments. These photos don’t do the real sight justice.  It was almost magical, a calming time for me.  The colors and perspective were unbelievable.  I’ve realized the beauty around me finally.  It only took 40 years.

Beautiful colors at sunrise

Beautiful colors at sunrise

For so many years all I wanted to do is get out of town! Leave, go find myself in this boring place.  It’s normal though, and I did leave and live elsewhere. Followed my dreams, worked jobs I loved, lived in areas of the country I enjoyed.  But NOTHING compares to the views I have here where I was raised.  I understand why my parent’s always called this “God’s Country.”

imageThank you mom and dad for reminding me that I could always come home.

How the Senses Can Help Moods

Central Oregon Sunset

Central Oregon Sunset 2014

This evening as I drove home the sunset was spectacular. Where I live I’m fortunate to see many beautiful such events. But tonight the sunset seemed even more grand. Larger more defined than I’m used to seeing. I pulled off to the side of our country road and attempted to capture the beauty with my iPhone camera. But it just didn’t do it justice. This sunset had me mesmerized.

sunset_newI couldn’t help but FEEL GOOD for viewing this event. Sounds silly, but my sense of eyesite had overtaken my dull pain and changed my mood from exhaustion and wanting to find the nearest bed to standing in the middle of nowhere trying to focus my little phone on the beautiful colors. What pain? I HAVE to take a photo to share with friends & family! Soon the sun had gone down and the vibrant colors faded. But my good mood didn’t. I looked forward to getting home to check the photos on my phone.

Had I gotten any good photos? Did they capture just how beautiful & special tonight’s sunset was to….to me anyway?

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The Adventures of Lupus LaRue

The names, events, situations have mostly all been changed to embellish the story because that’s how I roll

Not every moment or every day is filled with pain, brain fog and fatigue. There are times I may get a short reprieve, and I mean short, but a reprieve nonetheless from my insignificant other, Lupus SLE. After eight months of fighting with Lupus and his buddy pancreatitis. Home bound or in the hospital, I suddenly was well enough to DO something HUGE! God’s grace shown upon me and I had a solid two weeks of nearly symptom free health, I say NEARLY because lupus never totally goes on vacation. I jumped on it, and….

Me Tired

Me Tired

….like Macklemore poppin’ tags at Goodwill, I took total advantage.

I went camping. An ADVENTURE it was too. It started out innocently enough at the beautiful Crater Lake. The deepest lake in the world the brochure stated! I made my way to the lookout, where happiness filled my soul and turned into pure giddiness. I found myself dancing a little jig on my way. With my trusty guard dog, Sophie, keeping a keen eye out for bears, cougars and Bigfoot, I was ready for my adventure to begin.

Dancin' a little JIG

I was so happy to be out somewhere I asked a kind man to please take my photo so friends and family would believe that I actually did something. After handing him my iPhone, I explained that on the count of THREE to touch the round button.

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The Struggle For Purpose



I grew up learning that my life had a purpose and if I was fortunate, my purpose would be found by following my passion. If I was lucky, my passion would fuel in me a good work ethic, a satisfying career choice, a career doing what I love so I’d do it well. This would radiate throughout the people I loved and I’d be a good wife, mother, friend, servant to others. Sounds simple when you’re 20 years old. Continue reading

Dogs Don’t Judge


That little doggie at the top of my blog is Sophie. She’s my Yorkie that I’ve had for 13 years. Sophie became mine the same year that Lupus SLE came a’callin.

Sophie is my little best friend who is alway by by side. She loves me unconditional 💙

Sophie has been going blind, slowing way down, aching. She is the ONE reason I’ll drag my body off the couch if I’m sick to take her to the vet or feed her. Or just lay with her & pet her belly.

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Getting On With LIFE

OK so I have Lupus SLE. This has redefined how I live my life and what I do daily.
For 30 years, every day I saddled horse s that I owned (60+ horses on our ranch) and trained and exercised about four of them a day. We raised quarter horses on a ranch. I competed in horse events since 4th grade (I’m not saying how long ago!)
I had a full time job in the judicial department as well.
I had to feed, doctor, take care of all these horses. Travel long distances to shows. I have one daughter and when when she was in high school she competed in High School rodeo . Yes! Our schools here have rodeo clubs. They can earn excellent scholarships.
So needless to say, I was BUSY.
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