About Susie

Hello! My name is Susie. The name “Emusedone” is derived from my time owning 14 Emus (big ostrich like flightless birds) and not liking them. This morphed into using Emus-one as my username because so much of life is amusing to me at times….Emusedone.
I’m a walking contradiction.
I live in the beautiful northwest, next to a huge ski resort and don’t ski or snowboard. Nor do I kayak, whitewater raft or waterski (anymore….had a wakeboard incident that wasn’t pretty)
I was raised on a cattle & horse ranch but don’t care for country music. I listen to alternative, rock, or whatever flips my switch.
I train horses and show them in western events but my passion is playing my electric guitar.
I have an illness called Lupus SLE but do everything in my power to tell myself I really don’t have it.
I don’t go to support groups, tried a few and found them to be a great forum for people to complain instead of support (I’m working on this one, maybe I should be the one that starts some supportive dialogue?)
I have a grown daughter and two grandsons of whom I believe are the smartest humans in the world but know otherwise.
I love more than I don’t love (I don’t like the word HATE, but I DO use it occasionally)
I’m married to a nice guy who should receive an award for patience, turning a blind eye and finding my lost keys, glasses, iPhone, laptop, dog, car, and purse.
I self diagnose myself via Google and WebMD and I’m pretty sure I have ADD, OCD and stress induced hair loss. Well, I DO have ADD, real doctor verified.
I have 10 (ten) notebooks with about five pages of written lists, ideas, directions. Because I misplace them and start a new notebook. Therefore I thought the movie, “The Notebook” might be about others like me who lose their notebooks.
I’ve worked in the film and TV industry as a horse wrangler and stunt woman. In the judicial courts as a law clerk (please raise your right hand and repeat after me, I swear or affirm to tell the truth…..”) and had my own web design business I loved.
I love God, food, MUSIC, people, animals, outdoors.
I think I failed English Comp in high school and college. My writing skills were learned from watching Schoolhouse Rock commercials on ABC…LOLLY LOLLY LOLLY GET YOUR ADVERBS HERE!!!
Finally, at the age of 48 I joined a metal band, playing bass on Disturbed, Shinedown, Chevelle and Alice in Chains covers. Then became embarrassed I was the oldest person in the band AND the bar so I quit. I then joined the worship team at my church and toned it down a notch.
Thank you for reading about me, I do appreciate it seriously. As I love meeting and learning about others.

One thought on “About Susie

  1. Man, I miss living more up north..well I wasn’t THAT up north, I lived in CO. I miss it. I never made skiing or anything but I did love to hike.
    I’m learning that in this season of my life– my family is important for my health, so I’ve decided to stay in Texas right now and find work. Who knows what the future holds, but I will live in the mountains one day again 🙂
    I thinks it’s awesome you play for your worship team at church.
    EVERYONE I know is trying to get me to sing on mine, but it’s such a huge step for me….like really huge. I’m praying about it hehe.


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