I’m Not Perfect But I’m Loved

img_0645-0My thoughts taken from a teaching by Joyce Meyer.

As a believer in the word of God, I’ve spent years hearing it all from the mouths of those who aren’t always reading a book written by and about a loving creator. My Creator.

Even though we’re born again many times our soul is full of poison. bitterness, resentment, anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, envy, worry, strife, anxiety, fear and on and on. We dress it up, we take it to church, we smile at each other. And that doesn’t mean we won’t go to heaven when we die, if you’re a believer in the Holy Bible, we know we all have the choice to go to heaven but you’re never going to enjoy your journey, and you’re not likely to take anybody with you if you don’t get the mess in your own soul straightened up. We need to think how to talk right, act right think right.

I don’t intend to be a sneaky believer or a quiet believer. My actions that people see should be a positive light, that by my actions may bring someone hope, in Christ. I have no quotas I must meet, no judgements I must place on others. Far from it. That’s not my place & it’s extremely fulfilling knowing I can love who I want, when I want, in accordance to His word, not taken out of context. I do not have to miss out on knowing and loving someone because of fear, condemnation. I do NOT believe that the “Kingdom of Heaven” is reserved for just a few based upon the preaching of a man or woman on a Sunday morning. Reading excerpts from a book with many interpretations, and choosing scripture out of context to fit our sometimes selfish selves. There are wonderful teachers of the word out there, and they walk WITH us and are there to teach God’s word, not their own agendas or what might be “popular” at the time.

For me the only way to be happy is to be aggressively generous. I don’t wait to feel like it, I don’t wait to want to, I do it everyday because I wasted enough of my life being sad & mad now I want to be glad. So everyday I wake up and take a big spoonful of humility and generosity. I’m here to serve God. He’s coming back for me and I’m going to stand in front of Him and give an account and I want Him to be proud of me, and to know how grateful I am for the life I’ve been blessed with. It’s time to get rid of our baby bottles, pacifiers and grow up and be the men & women of God we say we are as we pass judgement on others, judgement that’s not ours to make.

I for one have made my decision. I will love the word, I will live by the word, I will eat the word, I will meditate on the word, I will study the word, I will speak the word because it is the medicine I need for all the poisons in my soul. It’s my choice. I’m not here to prove anything to anyone.

I don’t have it all figured out. But I DO know that I’m a far better person to the people in my life by learning about the love God has for an imperfect me.

I know where I’m going, even if I’m the only one that believes it. That’s ok with me. It’s comforting to have hope in an imperfect world. The definition of Perfection is in the mind & eyes of the beholder. For me it’s Jesus Christ and I believe He loves us ALL. When men choose to hate those who aren’t like them or what they believe is “normal” or “good,” or they set up rules & condemn others. That’s taking the word of God and molding it into something that is a poor attempt at making myself look better than, more deserving of….I’d rather love, because He first loved me. And I want everybody to know the comfort, kindness and most of all, hope I feel. It keeps me going, replenishes my soul & removes my fear. What I have that are the parts of me that are good are here for the taking. My smile was given to me, free and clear of what’s in it for me.

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