Get It Where You Can – Solitude

imageGod is the ULTIMATE artist. Creating unmatched beauty for His Children. I’m a child of THE most High God. It is this that strengthens my soul, gives me hope and peace everlasting!
Well, since I’ve found myself slowed down by Lupus, I also found myself full of anxiety. Wanting to rush around again but stuck in a body that won’t move and has no intention of moving around anytime soon. However, the great thing is, I discovered mesmerizing sunsets viewable from the places I live and visit frequently. The kind that draw a person in and forces the senses to focus on the beauty of something out of our control…. the sky paintings every morning and night.

Believe me, this is a challenge for me. To focus long enough to notice something and once noticed, the intense focusing on everything “that something” has to offer in the ten minutes God is painting it. Changing the colors, the patterns, intensity. HOW do those clouds and that sky go from a light, plain blue to a spectacular slow motion movie that forces me to sit still and feel better? No drug I’m prescribed has been able to give me ten minutes of positive energy, hope, pain relief like these sunsets. The medication eases the pain, but not the heart & soul. For me, seeing this beauty helps my soul. A God who can create such beauty in a world gone mad can heal what hurts me and if not heal, He helps me through it. You just can’t lose when you believe in a higher power, that there is more to this time we spend on earth than the hills & valleys we find ourselves in. That being a kind, compassionate, loving person is so much better than filling ourselves with bitterness.

So to summarize, when people ask me how I get through the tough times? I have to say my Faith, Humor, sunrises and sunsets.

Peace, Susie

Sharing my secret solice



Surreal view of clouds as sun sets on Broken Top mountain


Sun sets and finalizes the color change on the Cascades

Small juniper tree stands in front of sunset


Cascade mountains, Broken Top & the South Sister of the Three Sisters mountains


Mt. Jefferson January 2015


Sunsets and moon appears on Cascade Mountains

Barbwire and mountains

Barbwire and mountains

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