How the Senses Can Help Moods

Central Oregon Sunset

Central Oregon Sunset 2014

This evening as I drove home the sunset was spectacular. Where I live I’m fortunate to see many beautiful such events. But tonight the sunset seemed even more grand. Larger more defined than I’m used to seeing. I pulled off to the side of our country road and attempted to capture the beauty with my iPhone camera. But it just didn’t do it justice. This sunset had me mesmerized.

sunset_newI couldn’t help but FEEL GOOD for viewing this event. Sounds silly, but my sense of eyesite had overtaken my dull pain and changed my mood from exhaustion and wanting to find the nearest bed to standing in the middle of nowhere trying to focus my little phone on the beautiful colors. What pain? I HAVE to take a photo to share with friends & family! Soon the sun had gone down and the vibrant colors faded. But my good mood didn’t. I looked forward to getting home to check the photos on my phone.

Had I gotten any good photos? Did they capture just how beautiful & special tonight’s sunset was to….to me anyway?

Who knows? It became unimportant to me whether they were great enough to share with others. What WAS important was tonight’s sunset made me feel better. Took my mind off pain or illness and excited me. Something that’s been missing in my life for awhile now. Excitement.

God's Canvas Tonight!

God’s Canvas Tonight!

Because few things excite a person like me who’s had a truckload of bad luck lately, a basket full of stressful situations and a chronic illness that could care less what other “issues” may be keeping me awake at night.

Music and sunsets are my favorite things. My senses still work fine and always bring me to a place of relaxation, meditation and hope. Ahhhh thank you Lord, thank you iPhone battery and thank you sun for putting on a great show tonight! Even if only I saw it, sharing its ability to calm the pain & nerves of this illness is what I really wanted to do. But you get the point. Sometimes if we look up we’ll see something to take our minds off the bad and mesmerize us with God’s positive gifts He gives us daily!

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