My video of a year long Lupus SLE – Pancreatitis Flare

One Year of Living in a Lupus SLE flare. Although I’ve had Lupus for years prior, the year of 2013-2014 was particularly bad. The illness flared and I lost a lot of weight, down to 85 pounds, had hospitalizations for pancreatitis and GI tract problems. I just went generally DOWNHILL fast. It scared me because at the time, I really didn’t notice I was losing weight so quickly. I didn’t CARE that I couldn’t get out of bed, or was so weak. The fact I was oblivious to my situation was more startling that the situation itself. Fortunately, with my family’s help and intervention I got to the doctor and hospital. I plan was put together to get me well and we ALL did it. I’m happy to say I gained my weight back, I’m better, and I’m dedicated to working hard to stay healthy as possible. I DO want to live and I now take my Lupus SLE seriously.
Following is my video short of that year….

3 thoughts on “My video of a year long Lupus SLE – Pancreatitis Flare

  1. What a heart warming, motivational little video.
    You are brave for sharing your story πŸ™‚ and I am glad because it shows Lupus and all the bad and the ugly and the not so invisible things about it.
    Praying for you …family truly is the best thing–my mother is really the strongest one for me rightnow and she sympathetic towards my pain and helps me the most. I also can’t wait for my future dog to come into play in my life πŸ™‚ I could really use a puppy therapy! 😦


    • Thank you Savvanah. I remember putting it together thinking maybe if my friends & family who haven’t seen me in awhile will understand better that this year’s been a bit tough. Because my friends & family learned a lot while with me through this. It’s a cruel disease but God is SO MUCH BIGGER than any illness. My little dog is my buddy and actually knows when I feel the worse. You’ll be so happy! They are a friend indeed! πŸ’œ

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      • Its def an eye opener.
        And youree right God is So much bigger
        Aw 😦 i simply cant wait for my dog…he will be my best lil companion. πŸ™‚


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