They were Epic for a Reason

Oh No You Don't!

Oh No You Don’t!

I live in a city where “cover bands” fill the pages of the city’s cool, groovy weekly free newspaper. Yes, no argument here, we are a cool city they say. They even have a cable television show about our city that represents its quirkiness to a “T.” But, I’ve had this problem with our “coolness.” It is that their musicians also feel pretty cool here and there are hundreds, HUNDREDS of cover bands vying for a place to play their tributes to whomever they sound sorta, kinda like when they first formed their band in that guy’s garage and asked each other what songs and bands they like. “Hey, dude! That totally reminded me of when the Scorpions dropped their first track on their third album! Yeah! That riff you just played! We sounded just like the Scorpions” and thus begins another Scorpions cover band. With homemade CD’s to follow.

But, some bands or musicians aren’t meant to be covered. I mean, there will never be another vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer who will sound or play like he/she did. Leave IT BE! Don’t even remake it by adding some cowbell or, “hey we have a female singing the original male vocalist’s part! Check us out!”

Not in our city! We are free to be who we want to be and if we play it, people will come! I’m an amateur musician at best and even if I knew I could play one or two songs from my favorite band, I don’t dare do it. Unless I’m in the privacy of my own living room and my dog is affectionately staring at me.

Bands like, Queen, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains (ok I’m telling my age here) should not be messed with or covered. Tribute? Wear a shirt with the band’s name on it. Now that’s a tribute. Do not make crazy posters and tack them up all over the city stating, LIVE! One Night Only! The BEST Rush Tribute Band EVER…. XYZ!!! No Cover Charge! Just come listen, please??

The original is and was the best. Their music was, as you say, EPIC, for a reason….they are unique and unbelievably talented. Don’t GO there. Enough said.

Save us all a dangerous drive downtown and $50 in drinks, just let it be

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