Pain demands to be felt

Savannah’s insight into illness and pain is…. well, for lack of a better word, is “refreshing” in that it’s HONEST. It DOES demand to be felt, it WILL come and it WILL go. But God wins in the end.

One Mountain at a Time

slide_285600_2205244_freeI watched a sad movie awhile back called, The Fault in Our Stars. It was great but good Lord, bring you one of those carry in your pocket tissue packets.

This past year, I went through my own personal pain—both physically and emotionally, and now by the grace of God (and a good doctor), I find my pain to be very minimal. I mean, was it as simple as new medication? Why couldn’t this have been done for me in Colorado? Why didn’t my previous doctor care for me and examine me as deeply as my new doctor did? Before, there were days I could barely move properly without feeling intense pain anywhere– even after taking medicine and changing my life style. There was definitely a purpose, but it was as if the pain wasn’t going to leave until it taught me something. I finally feel like I’ve walked out of my…

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