My Family SAVED Me πŸ’™


This is me (middle) with my Sister, Jean and brother in law, Lonnie. WHAT A CRAZY YEAR 2013 was! For us all. They really did save my life.
They took me in to live with them after seeing how sick I’d become. During this time my sister was in the final stages of healing from a freak “tripped over the dog” accident which broke her FEMUR!! Lonnie has Pulmanory Fibrosis & had gotten bad news from his doctors. That he had only months to live. He’s on oxygen but both are VERY active people. He bought me a rose one day because of “how far I’ve come in getting better” 😍 He truly understands what a blessing life is and always has. My whining & complaining are ridiculous!
About two months into my stay there, Lonnie got a horrible septic infection in his hip of all places because he was on a very high (too high) dose of CellCept. After a scary night of calling 911 & getting him to the hospital. A long stay then home with a pic line in him for the big gun antibiotics everyday for two months after he made it. Here, they took ME in to help me!! But he went through hell. He’s since had heart surgery & they are selling their farm where they’ve lived for 48 years since he’s not well & no one knows the future. We call ourselves the 3 musketeers ! Jean is a breast cancer survivor (twice) and currently has Padgetts disease which she downplays as “just a nuisance! I’m fine!!!!” They never complain. They are my Heros.

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