The Tooth Fairy Saga

Tooth Fairy?!!!

Tooth Fairy?!!!

Lupus affects your teeth in that many people suffer from dry mouth, which leads to decay even when you are OCD about brushing and flossing.  WELL, three years ago I got a bad tooth infection, which lasted forever it seemed.  After dental visits, root canals, and lot’s of antibiotics (I am allergic to Penicillin so my choices are limited) I *thought* all was well. It wasn’t. That infection brewed for a year, causing all sorts of havoc.  Culminating in a year full of dental work these past 11 months.  More root canals, pulled teeth, fillings, antibiotics….WHEW done! And poorer. 

Well, one day while minding my own business and eating a peanut butter sandwich, it happened….. a tooth towards the front just falls OUT…..OUT!!!! With it’s two little metal rods sticking up, the tooth looked beautifully white in my hand, a cap that had covered a past root canal.  But….I guess behind the scenes that infection was still brewing.  I run to the dentist who instructs me to make an appointment ASAP with an oral surgeon.  I called and the soonest opening is three months away.  I grab that sucker and asked to be placed on a list, if they had one, of cancellations.

I never got there….

I’ve been feeling pretty crummy forever it seems, but these last three months especially so plus, I’m tired of hiding my mouth when I talk or laugh because I look like, sorry, my kinfolk down in Texas…. or, a meth addict which I’m not. SO, I Googled to death the term, “oral surgeons in Bend” and decided on one. Called figuring I’d be placed on another 3+ waiting list. To my surprise he had a cancellation and in two days time I’d be in his office for a consultation to finally get a tooth. I didn’t care how they did it, I just wanted that gaping hole filled up!

I go to my appointment and as I seem to always be lately, I realize God led me straight to this oral surgeon.  He had this cool (and I figured…was going to cost a lot to have) CT scanner for the head/mouth area. To make this saga shorter than it really needs to be, I learn that not only did the infection NOT go away, it dangerous AND I must have oral surgery, asap.

So, I will be going in, in two more days, to have another tooth pulled (because of the raging infection) two bone grafts, membranes sewn in, etc. etc. all while I sleep peacefully I hope.  After which I must wait for six months of healing time THEN two SHINING new teeth will be screwed on the titanium screws that will have been implanted. Six months wait since Lupus, you have to be DANG SURE infection is gone.  If all goes well, I will have dodged yet another Lupus deadly bullet.

I didn’t take my tooth infection three years ago seriously, I didn’t take losing a tooth and not getting right into see the oral surgeon as I was told to do seriously, so here I am now on the ASAP list so an infection doesn’t go to my brain or wherever they go when they are out of control and kill you.

This will no doubt be painful. I do not tolerate pain meds well. I’ll have to deal with that somehow. Most of the cost is out of pocket. BUT, I am THANKFUL God nudged me to make an appointment and go no matter how sick I feel with my Lupus fatigue.  This has a lot to do with how crummy I’ve been feeling. Maybe, just maybe, if this is all successful, I’ll get that infection over with which first and foremost will save my life, and I’ll start feeling better.

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