OK….shocking YES, but seeing it helps the fight

Before & After

Before & After

Yes, one year ago after losing almost 30 pounds in three months. Why? Lupus SLE + Stress = weight loss  and organ shutdown. I don’t look like this anymore. As of today I’ve gained ALL 30 lbs. BACK!
How? By going to stay at my sisters home and they fed me and didn’t push it on me. Let me sleep. Talked to my doctors. Basically supported me and didn’t ask a bunch of questions. They read up on SLE and knew WHY I was so ill and was basically giving up. They didn’t argue with me over stupid stuff, or ask if I wanted to go hiking every weekend. See I’m a people pleaser. But it almost killed me. I’m not a drama queen, I hold everything in and just get sad 😦 poor me huh!


This is me today. Still on the mend.

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