The Good Things About Lupus (a Fiction story of course)

I realize all I do is complain about Lupus SLE. HOW boring. I mean, if I was to pay attention to all those beautiful quotes I post on Facebook, I wouldn’t be such a Negative Nellie. But I am. So, I decided to attempt to write down the positives, if any, of having Lupus. It looks like the main PLUS to having Lupus SLE is “it’s my excuse for everything whether it’s true or not”
1. I forgot to pay the cell bill – Cause: Lupus brain fog
2. I dropped my sister’s favorite porcelain vase – Cause: Lupus arthritis
3. I was STILL in my pajamas, hair sticking up, barefooted when Fed Ex delivered a package at 3pm which required my signature Cause: Lupus I didn’t get any sleep night before & I’m experiencing horrible fatigue.
4. There are NO clean socks. Cause: Lupus I forgot to put the wet clothes in dryer. For two days. Now I need to wash again to get mildew smell out.
6. I forgot your birthday. And I was the person who volunteered to put on the party. Cause: Lupus It slipped my mind due to brain fog.
7. I skipped the number “5” in this list. Cause: Lupus I lost my place.
8. I took my new fishing pole & broke it on purpose by hitting it repeatedly on side of raft. Cause: Lupus I had a mood swing because I didn’t catch a fish.
9. I ran out of gas, literally. My car ran out of gas. Cause: Lupus I am just so fatigued & in pain I didn’t notice gauge on empty.
That’s all I can think of right now. Cause: Lupus I can’t remember anymore.

3 thoughts on “The Good Things About Lupus (a Fiction story of course)

  1. I know I shoulnt laugh because I’ve been through this too but good golly #8 had me rolling.
    Let’s face it, these things happen and it’s true. The sadness comes in when others really do think we’re “faking it or using it as an excuse.”


    • Oh I know! That’s the last thing I want people to think of me because I DO care what they think. It’s like I want to pin my ANA blood tests, or my latest kidney test results to the front of my shirt like my mom used to pin my mittens to my jacket. But I want to so they can see there’s proof! But I have a feeling these same people would still find a reason to think I’m made Lupus happen so, oh well! I guess they probably don’t believe in BIGFOOT either…. their loss! Lol!


      • I know!
        It is their unfortunate actions, because they are simply missing out being there for someone the way Christ would be. 🙂


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