I’m STILL the Same Susie…Clueless



Earlier this year the National Lupus Foundation had Lupus month as well as many different Lupus organizations had great campaigns to bring awareness of Lupus to the public.
One such campaign was the #LHandSign for Lupus. All of us and our supporters raise our hand & make the “L” sign with our HAND & take our photo to share in solidarity.

Well, I happened to be in the hospital at the time and I decided to participate. I did the sign, took my photo, looked at it & thought ughhh I look horrible but that’s besides the point. I’m joining in! But I just kept thinking it didn’t look right…. until a week later after I was out of the hospital.
I haven’t changed A BIT since getting Lupus as far as doing stupid stuff.
I didn’t make the L Hand Sign…. I made the L finger sign as in “LOSER”!
Yes, I’ve attached the photo.
I can’t blame it on drugs because I wasn’t on any. I don’t think I was anyway.
And you know what… people were so nice, no one said, hey you dummy, you just took a photo of yourself making the LOSER sign.

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