Hospitals ROCK! Not

Hospitals Rock! Not really....

Hospitals Rock! Not really….

Well, I’m in what doctor’s call a “lupus flare” meaning my disease is active.  I’ve had two week long hospital stays in the last six months. What fun! The second hospital stay was a big surprise. I simply went to my scheduled follow up with a gastro doc, and four hours later a nurse had CALLED ME A CAB to take me to the hospital ACROSS THE STREET! They wouldn’t allow me to walk over there. Needless to say I felt pretty silly. I barely got there in time to be admitted. No one was with me, so I wandered around with a blank look and my “file” from the doctor with the admission info. I got someone’s attention, she admitted me, said I was in luck, there was ONE bed available! Yes, I felt SO LUCKY! YES! I’m in the hospital and not sure why?

I got this huge room, great view. But the TV didn’t work, the nurse call button didn’t work, the sink stopped up and whoever forgot to tell the nurses that a new patient was just admitted so I laid on the big bed, arms folded behind my head, legs crossed, staring out the window when BAM! The door swings open and a nurse arrives with stuff hanging from her like a stethoscope, tape, cell phone, glasses, name tag pushing an IV stand with a bag of something swinging back and forth. “Hello! My name is (??? I can’t remember her name) and I’ll be your nurse for ten more minutes. At 7pm there will be a staff change.” Ok, thank you for that info….why am I in here again? “Hum let me look, ok, fluids, tests, pain meds” ok, why will I need pain meds? “Because you are going to have an invasive endoscopy to see why the CT scan you had three months ago showed you esophagus and stomach had masses in them” they do? I did. OH I did not know that. Well ok then. Please don’t forget I’m here like last time. They forgot and I spent seven days eating on ice chips.”really?!! Just ice chips?! Why?” You tell me. Naw, it was because I had an acute pancreatitis attack. So I guess I couldn’t eat or drink. this is just a very small tid bit of how lupus effects your life. You become pretty independent. Because lupus SLE attacks your pancreas, kidneys, stomach, heart, brain, skin, whatever.  Please excuse my poor grammar & typing. As long as you can read the words it should be ok. I have nothing against hospitals, doctors,  nurses, etc. I just don’t like the bills that POUR in after the. Then phone calls that begin when you aren’t prompt in paying. Lupus is the gift that keeps on giving! Gift? Sort of…. :/

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